Field-notes on Gumoil printing

Hi and welcome to the start of my field-notes/blog on gumoil printing.  I'll be going through the different parts of my work-through on the gumoil process as I get everything together to produce some extra large gumoils, If you've never heard of gumoil printing or are unfamiliar with the process and curious to learn more, hopefully these notes will shed some "light" on the process. Gumoil printing is a time consuming process and lots can go wrong, so its good to make every print count. Hopefully towards the end of this blog I'll be well on my way to rounding out a couple bodies of work.


The gumoil process uses UV rays to make your exposure so the 1st step is to get my big ass Ultra-violet homemade light source back up and running!  This unit was made ages ago and donated to me by my old photography professor Warren Thompson.   The unit needed a little tender loving care but is still going strong. (fingers crossed) Here i am testing the lights, In the photo you might notice that the two bulbs on the left are out and need to be replaced.  Grrrr.  Those goggles look good on me but also serve another very important purpose.  Ultra-violet light is extremely damaging to ones eyeballs.  The UV tubes are powered up just long enough for me to see if they're burned out and to take this quick picture. Getting a slight tan is just a bonus.

Nuff for now, time to change some bulbs. 

Getting a tan and testing out the Ultra-Violet lights

Getting a tan and testing out the Ultra-Violet lights