Field-notes. Fixing ultra-violet lights

First the good news! The two bulbs I thought were blown are completely fine.

Now the bad news.  It wasn't the bulbs that were bad it was the fixture they get put into.  The poor unit is so old, parts of it are getting brittle with age and starting to crack. It seems one of the tabs that holds the pins of the bulb in place busted apart completely and now looks like it will have to be replaced.  Groan.

Stop the presses!  good news!  Frustrated,  I tried to put the pins of the bulb back into the slot and applied a little torque and ...well ....I guess The old adage "if it doesn't fit, force it."  actually paid off.   HAHA! Somehow its working.

So here are the lights hanging from the rafters with my table underneath.  The units measures around 30 x 48 but with a little swing I'm thinking i could possibly go up to 50 x 60.  That's for later though.

- Scott